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Get freelancers to work on your projects rather than hiring full time employees. If you can work remotely or from a home office, this can save you costs which you can apply elsewhere.

While the lease cost is the main overhead you will be paying out, offices come with additional expenses such as maintenance, utility costs, parking fees, and insurance costs. Ensure Each Member “Owns” A Part of the Business One of the driving forces that propel people to move from employment to business ownership, is that sense of owning something.

Yet by virtue of the chair's position, not only are there many times when a department leader will need to be involved in the conversation between a potential donor and the institution, there are also many times when the chair may need to be the official involved in the conversation.

This is because the donor may want to hear from the academic leader in his or her field of interest, rather than from a professional fundraiser.

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 with the Intel T9600 and AMD HD 3650. Without doing anything, anything at all CPU temps are around 60 degrees Celcius and the GPU temps are almost at 70.

According to a January 2010 Academic Impressions survey of department chairs, 64 percent of department chairs felt that they were not adequately prepared to assume the role when they first began chairing their department.

And of the various duties and responsibilities of the academic chair, 43 percent felt least prepared to address advancement and fundraising initiatives.

You can test new candidates’ skills on a practical level, as well as carrying out the usual CV sift and interview, to narrow down your search for the best person.

You need a proper foundation and good working systems to grow and expand easier and faster.

Things like getting your lead generation, accounting, and internet connectivity right will save you future headaches.

I started a GPU stresstest and had to abort it about 1/3rd in because I was afraid the high temperature (almost at 100 degrees) could cause serious damage.

Are these temperatures indeed too high or am I just worrying to much?

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