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To use the Windows version, you have to open the mobile app, and take a photo of a QR code that appears on your screen. Wechat for Windows opens, looking and feeling very much like it's mobile relative.With We Chat, you can chat with your contacts via your desktop, and get notifications when someone is contacting you. File transfer is possibly more useful on Windows than on mobile devices (especially if you are an i OS user), as you can send any type of file you like through We Chat. Aside from text chat and file transfers, you can also send screenshots and emoji.Ring lädt sich in ungefähr 4 bis 5 Stunden komplett auf, wenn mit einem 2,1-Ampere-Ladegerät verbunden.Bei Anschluss an ein 1-Ampere-Ladegerät lädt sich Ring in etwa 9 bis 10 Stunden auf. Sie erhalten E-Mail-Erinnerungen, wenn der Akku schwach wird.To have a hope of helping your handset live to see another day it is vital that you act right away.Here’s our 5-step guide to saving your smartphone – read and remember it for when a dampening disaster strikes. Not every smartphone allows this, obviously – but if your handset has a removable back panel, slip it off straight away and flip the battery out.

This Windows version is an accompaniment to the mobile apps.The chat window is attractive and permits clear viewing of messages.It displays the history of the conversation in linear form and you just type the message and hit Send to post it to the chat.To sign up, you simply download the app for your mobile device, enter your phone number and then enter the verification code you are sent.Giving the app access to your contacts allows you to see who is already using We Chat.

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