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Everything went well and it was quite easy, thanks for your very detailed instructions. So much smoother and easier, no matter what gear or rpm's you have. We were both amazed, totally different car than day before. Could not be happier with the result, could not be happier to the whole process. I have always run box tuners on my trucks but nothing has ever come close to what you did to my truck. Totally different truck, and I couldn't be happier! Overall it was definitely money well spent and I'm very satisfied! It's really responsive now and seems to be back to normal except with the additional power of the tune and headers! Thanks again for everything and EXTREMELY satisfied so far!!! The mid range (2000-4000rpms) is where I am 95% of the time and it has a great powerband in that range. Hard to describe, but where I used to feel like there was a drive-by-wire lag when I quick dipped the throttle, that is completely gone now! Bottom line, I really like how transmission is set up. I would recommend Lew to anyone who wants a custom tune with a Trinity or Intune. I was getting roughly 11-13 in town and about 16 on the highway. Tonight was the first I did a full throttle like that since fixing the differential. I've never been disappointed with your email response times. Most of all though, I love the ROAR, it seems to have a more pronounced ROAR when i get on it and I love it! However, once the RPMs rise and the power increases I can feel a more steady surge of effort than before. The car just seems more happy, like a well tuned athelete who just took off a restrictive business suit that was holding him back. I couldn't wait so I loaded the new tune and it is crazy. I will have my dad call you for a tune for his 03 avalanche soon! I really like the 1-2 shift, doesn't feel like it falls on its face anymore, lol. I can already tell the difference between the canned tune and your tune... I did the 93 octane premium tune and will be driving it on a 120 mile road trip tomorrow so I will see if there is any mpg gain. Again I just want to say thank you and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants the most they can get out of their GM product! Rolling into the throttle in 1st gear, it breaks the tires loose around 40 mph. I think if I went up to about a 30 inch tire in the rear, I could get 60 mph out of first gear and the 0-60 times would be scary for a truck... I've picked up about 4MPGs on the highway compared to stock on regular fuel which is crazy plus it pulls awesome even under part throttle. The tires feel slightly loose all the way through 1st and the shift into 2nd engages the traction control unless I turn it off. I did a 0-60 motion start and got a 7.08 second!!!!

It was raining so was driving slowly but could immediatelly tell the transmission is completely different. I went to visit my friend who is a local GM dealer here in Finland, he is familiar with my car and all the mods it has. Like a new truck the way it shifts and throttle response etc... I could tell a difference with the can tune from the diablo tuner, but an even more difference, between lews tune and the can, not to mention between lew's tune and stock...... I can't believe you shaved nearly two seconds off my zero to 60!! I was worried that not using the AFM would hurt my mileage, but I still average over 20 mpg back and forth to work. I was worried because I put a small lift on my truck with bigger tires that it would always lack something but boy was I wrong it runs way better now than it ever has. First time I've really unleashed it, and I was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning : D Again, this has been a fantastic experience, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything about your work. The Diablo tune was an improvement, but your custom tunes really woke the truck up! Before the tune I was always having to push the overdrive button to get it to stay in lower gears, but now it drives the way I want it to and It always finds the right gear. My mpg are about half a mile better even with my aggressive driving habits! The ecm was probably WAY off from driving out of tune for close to 2000 miles. My biggest eye opener was the transmission as it's night and day better than stock and Diablo's canned tune... I like how it shifts at wot at around 5750rpm, today was the first time I wot it throung 2 full gears and it went and still had some when 3rd gear came around. Got about 50 miles on it so far, so not conclusive of course...WOW. As far as drivability, the transmission shifts very smooth and the shift points seem spot on. Once he has done the WOT tune for me, I am going to order a Trinity from him and have him convert the Intune tune to the Trinity format, as my brother wants to buy my Intune now for his Camaro. I purchased a 2003 chevy silverado 5.3 V8 on december 28th 2012. Keeping my foot out of it I've been getting 20.3 mpg which is amazing considering 93 is 3.89 right now. It is like you fed the ecm Ritalin, and now the truck pays attention and responds much more predictably and faster. I feel like you are achieving the full potential for my truck, and doing so in a manner that is affordable and as timely as possible. Pulls hard in any gear at any rpm and def takes off like a slingshot! I have had dyno tunes done on several cars including my previous C6 and they don't compare to this. Can't wait to get the headers and Borlas on it now. I know it's just the first tank, but they are the best that they have been since bought the truck @ 17.8 mpg! I'm not really sure how that happened but I know from the look on his face that he couldn't believe it either! I appreciate all your help and everything I read on the internet was correct..are some type of car god! It carries the front end through 2nd gear, just as it settles in, it hits 3rd and up it goes again! I also wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago I dyno'd the car and your tune made 11 horsepower and 14 pounds more torque than the slp 455 Bobcat. I ran both at the track and had a 1.89 60ft with the bobcat and had a 1.84 with your tune. Low end torque seems about the same, but throttle response is better, quicker. Truck runs awesome its perfect for your daily driving and even better when you let it rip! And when driving normally you can tell the truck pulls a lot more easily. No hesitations when passing someone or just decide to speed up. I did some research before selecting a Diablosport tuner, and the reviews online that I read of your tuning and customer service is what ultimately made me decide to go with Diablosport and then your custom tune, and I have not been disappointed! Just wanted to say I put 60 miles on it already & you are the man! Don't mean to use an explicitive but holy shit what did you do to my car. It definitely feels like a new truck thanks to you! I never thought a big truck like this could go this good and especially in stock form meaning no bolt on parts! During WOT runs it even chips the warm tires pretty good going into 2nd gear which is amazing for something this big and heavy. I finally got out of town where I could try it out safely and man does that thing ever go for a big truck like that!

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Another thing of note is I recently had access to their Chip Master Revolution (CMR) software used to write tunes and found issues with their tire size calculations being off...

Oxford White 2015 Premium GT with 50-Year Pkg | 3.55 Gears | Roush CAI | Baer Eradi Speed-Plus 2-Piece Rotors | Stainless Works 3" Cat Back | JLT 3.0 Oil Separators | FRPP M-20201-M STB | Redline Hood Struts | MMD Hood Vent Scoops | Dark Ceramic Tint (25% sides/20% rear) | Lloyds "50 Years" mats...

Performance White 2012 Premium Pony Package | PP Engine Cover | 25% Tint | Baer Decela Rotors (drilled/slotted) | Torsen T2R 4:1 TBR | FRPP 3.73 Gears | GT500 Differential Cover | Airaid CAI | AE 4" Aluminum DS | Bama 93R | Boss 302 STB | BMR Adjustable Panhard & Brace | JLT Oil Separator | Nexen N3000 255/45ZR/18Y tires 2014 DIB 3.7 DOHC Cyclone/ Charcoal interior/ Select Shift/ American Racing razor's/Dry-S drop-in/ BMR lca's & adj.

The canned tunes woke my truck up...Lews magic has really given my truck some bigger balls! I pulled about 5 car lengths on him, till 100 mph, then check this out!!!! Man I just want to tell how great this WHOLE experience getting my truck tuned has been. I take people for a ride and they can't believe how strong the car is now thru every gear. She's running (like my dad says) like a spotted-ass ape! It feels, to me, like it has gained a considerable amount of power since we started this project. No issues to report other than an occasional sputter right at startup when the temp is below 30 degrees, but thats probably just the ECU trying to compensate for the first breath of really, really dense air. And I'm seeing 1-3 MPG more, depending on how I drive. Revs so much faster, and doesn't have to down shift near as much for power I can just roll on the throttle now for power. He sent me a new one the other night (the 3rd one so far) and I am very impressed with how the car feels now. It is such a big jump from stock to intake, headers, and exhaust that it is hard to tell how the tune is. I tell yeah I can definitely feel a huge difference. Going to the dyno today I was hoping to make 325 at the wheels, my GTO is a manual btw. Brian at Reckart did the dyno and hooked up HP tuners just to check things. So big thumbs up for Lew and his custom tuning skills with the predator!!! The truck does indeed go over 100 and still wanted more at 110. Out of all the tunes, this one seems to give me the most versatility. My top end was scary because it had so much power, then I realized I was only at 4000 rpms... Now when I'm driving my car, I feel that it does exactly what I expect it to do when I hit the gas. I did get to do a run today with the new tune in the car and I am totally blown away! Am just blown away that I spent ,000 for a muscle car but 5 turned it into a monster! Was so excited had to run over to the local shop and check on my headers and exhaust... What's more, is after a total of 22 minutes I had my custom tune sitting in my inbox! if GM would have sold the SUV with this performance I'm sure it would have sold that much better... I would also like to thank you, I have been nothing but pleased so far with your tune... I appreciate your help and fast service Lewis, thanks again! Feels like a whole new truck, can really tell with the get up and go, And the mileage is better! I'll definitely be telling people of your great work! Almost to strong in first because the tires will get away from me so fast I have to control my foot!

I pulled up beside him and I gassed it and as I was going by him, I heard him gass it. I have never been able to get better than 11 might usually, but today when I checked my mpg I was amazed. Thanks again, I will recommend you to all my friends and family with a GM vehicle. This is how Chevy should've made the car from the start, I could tell a little difference each time I would do something to the car, but the tune really made them come together. Before the tune if I nailed it from a stop it just sluggishly started to go, now if I give it more than part throttle it spins the rear tires : D. Fuel economy looks like its about the same/up maybe .5 - 1mpg, but I'll know more in the summer when I start going on long trips. The thing just doesn't stop pulling no matter how fast you go! i am still surprised at how big a difference this tune performs over the Doug @ ECS mail order tune. Lew has been tweaking the low throttle part of my tune since I installed the headers, and so far it feels better each time I get a new tune from him. I had my GTO diablew tuned by Lew last fall, He did a awesome job working with me, actually did the tune 4 times. You are the car genie - wish and it shall be granted! Well I got my Diablew Tune in the other day and I must say that words do NOT do this man justice! I just drove the truck around and man is it nice!!! I've been out driving all day and I just have to say, my Camaro feels like a different car... Now that is how my Camaro should have come from the factory! - To my surprise Lew responded within 5 minutes to let me know he rececived my logs. Compared to the Stock tune and your tune – I should be driving this SUV on a Drag Strip only. Very satisfied with all the you have been able to get out of this for performance. Thank you for all your hard work in keeping myself and thousands of others as "Overly Satisfied Customers..." Could only wish more businesses had your attitude toward customers... First time "EVER" I witnessed the front end lift that much. From a rolling start to about 50mph was around 2 to 3 seconds (estimation)... The shifting is so much better and the truck feels really responsive and is way more enjoyable for towing my travel trailer.

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