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The Transformer TX can be driven as a military ground vehicle then converted to fly as a helicopter and back again. Magpul Folding Machine-Gun-9 Developed for the US Secret Service, the Folding Machine-Gun can be disguised as a laptop battery before being unfolded into a fully functioning weapon capable of emptying a 9mm 30-round clip. Wildcat robot Moving uncannily like a live creature, the Wildcat can run at 16mph on flat surfaces, bounding and galloping like a real animal.

HP Pavilion dv6-3011TX Battery [15] They further maintain that Jesus bodily ascended into heaven where he rules and reigns with God the Father.

The watch can be configured to require fingerprint authorisation, which is then analysed through the device's internal database and becomes activated for a restricted time period or until it's manually deactivated.

After registering the wireless signal sent from the watch, the revolver's LED light on the back flashes green (unlocked) or red (locked) to inform the user of the gun's initial setting. M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher As well as firing 40mm grenades at a rate of 18 a minute, the M32 can shoot off rounds which float to the ground via a parachute and capture aerial video footage. Corner Shot 40mm Grenade Launcher With a hinged frame that extends the barrel of this grenade launcher horizontally at a 60 degree angle, a digital camera on the barrel and video screen, the Corner Shot allows sharpshooters to fire around corners.

A laser weapon capable of shooting down enemy drones is being developed for the US military, defence department officials have announced, but it is not the only weapon in the military's plans for the future.

Here are 10 other gadgets and weapons the US military is preparing to roll out.

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